We, Like the Sea Turtle / by Jahan Sharif

Have you ever watched a sea turtle swim?

It’s magnificent heft muted
By a single flap
Of its undulating wings.

Tilting. Gliding.
Moving in sync with
The invisible currents of the sea.

A world of all-pervading water
Filtering sunlight into the twinkling hues
Of blues and teals and purples
That feed ancient corals,
And illuminate tide pools where dwell
The miniature creatures
Of that proximate world.

Are we
Creatures of a proximate world.

And like the sea turtle,
Are we
Creatures who can occupy both:

Land, and Sea.
Here, and There.
The other world
On our one earth.

And so,
Heeding the call of a beckoning moon,
The sea turtle
Heaves herself across the water’s edge
To lay her eggs.

Doing today
What we, humans,
Save for tomorrow.

That is,

The work
Of preserving a world
Worthy of life.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
March 2019

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