Muslim, Persian, and Queer? Amir Yassai Contradicts the Contradictions by Jahan Sharif

Amir and Jahan

Amir and Jahan

You know when you meet someone new and after a short while you’re pretty sure you’ve made a new friend? That’s was Amir and me.

Our first conversation went on for three hours, and finished with us agreeing to be on each other’s budding podcasts! I went first, joining Amir and his co-host, Ryan, on their show “Let’s Tawk About It” (debuting this month!). While our conversation was mostly about building community, this idea of “emotional privilege” came up, and that’s where Amir and I started our chat.

Pretty soon though, this concept led us down the rabbit hole of identity, and Amir ended up telling me about how figuring out how to be Muslim, Persian, queer, and so much more all at the same time, might have saved his life.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
June 2019