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Photo by  Ghazal Sheei

Photo by Ghazal Sheei

  1. The Unintended Consequences of Buying A Rolex

  2. The Magical Realism of Karl Lagerfeld

  3. Jaja Goes Protesting — The Loss of Things We Never Truly Knew

  4. We, Like the Sea Turtle

  5. Sifa Zote Kwa Mtu Mweusi: All Praises to the Black Man

  6. Coming Out Isn’t Just for Gays 

  7. Painted Ladies of the Desert

  8. Coffee, Culture, and Nipsey Hussle — Building Community Through Entrepreneurship

  9. Jesse Morton — Former Al-Qaeda Recruiter on the Indisputable Power of Networks

    Reflections, Insights, and Adjustments for the Future— Updates to Jaja In

  10. I

  11. Vasilios Papapitsios on Living with HIV and Healing Through Art

  12. Dr. Cheryl Holder, MD -- My Congress Testifying, Truth-Telling, Unassuming, Unrelenting, and Generally Badass Mother

  13. A Model for Becoming More Inclusive -- Sam Rypinski, Founder of EVERYBODY Gym 

  14. Abortion is Healthcare

  15. When You Look, What Do You See?

  16. Muslim, Persian, and Queer? Amir Yassai Contradicts the Contradictions 

  17. 5 Steps to Proactive Kindness 

  18. Why I Always Return to Art: The Treachery of Images

  19. A Note for My Grandmother on her 90th Birthday

  20. Part 1: What it is like to be detained by ICE -- Larry Campbell, Executive Director of Corners Outreach 

  21. Part 2: How to Restore the Values of America -- Larry Campbell

  22. LA's Most Famous Dominatrix-- Mistress Justine Cross

  23. My Evening with the World's Greatest Guitarist, Stanley Jordan

  24. Summer in the City: A Sunday Morning with Jaja

  25. Seattle's Underground Railroad 

  26. Kuyasa 

  27. It's On Us

  28. Hong Kongers are Showing Us their Power

  29. Jaja’s Summer 2019 Reading List

  30. I am a Lucky Man 

  31. It Might Surprise You, but... 

  32. What All Successful People Have in Common

  33. President Obama Is Why I'm In Television

  34. Nobody is a Nobody 

  35. Why I Must Leave Television 

Jaja in Asia // February 14, 2018 — March 3, 2018

Overlooking Hong Kong, February 2018

Overlooking Hong Kong, February 2018